Proud New Aunt

Last week the family along with my baby-sister, Mary, took a trip to see my younger sister, Sarah, and her family.  We traveled to see the newest addition to the family, Gavin.  I’m a proud aunt for the ninth time and each is beautiful, handsome in Gavin’s case, and intelligent. 

Sarah and her hubby, Michael, are wonderful hosts.   As soon as we walked in the house I felt like I’d entered a second home.  Theirs is an older home with several flights of stairs, wonderful wood floors, and a fun laundry shoot.  The only thing that might be missing is the secret corridor.   Young Gavin is sure to have many years of fun exploring nooks and crannies, playing hide and seek, and finding ways to mar the walls; however, for now he is busy being cute and enjoying uninterrupted attention.

The trip gave us sisters a fabulous opportunity to catch up. We passed the time watching movies, cooking together and admiring Gavin.  Sarah also took us to a quaint coffee house where we enjoyed hot cocoa that tasted similar to Mexican Hot Chocolate topped with lots of whipped cream, so yummy! 

Thanks sis for welcoming us into your humble abode!

Proud Dad
Proud Papa

We enjoyed a little down time viewing Lake Erie.

Hope Mary wasn’t expecting kid free time.  🙂


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