Upgrading to Adulthood

As a tech non-savvy person, I started with a my-space page.  Sooner than I would like to admit, it was apparent that I had trapped myself into a high school type atmosphere again.  So here I am, lurking into the world of adult blogging. 

I’m a homeschooling mom who doesn’t do it for the religious reason nor do I do it for some sort of educational superiority.  Our family has chosen this form of educating our children for the sake of the family.  We live under the motto that, “Homeschooling is not just an educational choice, it is a way of life.”  This means that we have chosen to educate our children for the simple reason that it allows us to travel, take time off when the bread winner is home from his traveling job, and to explore what interests us.  We are not required to learn something just because the “test” tells us to learn a certain fact.   

 It is also my hope that this page will help keep family and friends up to date on what we are currently doing in the real world.  After all, when it comes to sending cards, letters or phone calls, I am quite inefficient. 


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